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ShapeUp v1.4.03 

Version 1.4.03 of ShapeUp is now released. A lot of internal work has been done to prepare ShapeUp for its new user interface planned for version 2. But it would not be a proper release if no new features were added, so here goes:

New features:

  • Added ability to set shape color and style from attribute values.

ShapeUp now supports getting color, pen width and pen style directly from the value of an attribute. Colors should in this case be on the HTML hash color format e.g. #FFAA00. Pen width should be a be positive integer, and style is limited to 0-4 where

  • 0, solid line
  • 1, dashed line
  • 2, dotted line
  • 3, dash-dot line
  • 4, dash-dot-dot line

  • Multi-edit Attributes now supports color from color theme.

A string attribute can be set to a color value, like HTML hash values e.g. #FFAA00, picked from a color theme.

Select shapes to modify, from Edit | Advanced Edit select Multi-Edit Attributes. Select the string attribute to modify, and set Value Picking to New color as hash string. Select a color theme and press OK.

  • Added mod() function and operator % to Query Dialog.

It is now possible to do modulus calculations in ShapeUp queries.

  • Added Table | Show Value List...

This command will display a list containing all unique occurrances of values in a selected column, along with the number of occurrances for each.

  • GPI API extended.

The following additions have been made to the GPI model.

  • Theme_GetAttributeIndex(), retrievs the zero-based index of an attribute given its name.
  • Theme_SetAttributeComment(), can set the description on an attribute column.
  • Theme_InvertSelection(), to invert the current shape selection in a theme.
  • Theme_SetPenStyle(), to set the pen style for polyline themes.
  • Theme_GetPenStyle(), to get the pen style for polyline themes.
  • Workspace_CreateNewThemeFromSelection(), creates a new theme based on another theme's current selection.
  • Shape_GetClosestPoint(), returns the point in a shape closest to a given reference point.

These functions are also implemented in the corresponding C++ classes. For a full set of parameters, refer to the ShapeUp API documentation.

Fixed bugs:

  • Corrected parentheses problem in Query Dialog.

The Query dialog incorrectly reported Malformed SQL Expression in some cases related to the use of additional parantheses around IN statements. This has been corrected.

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