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ShapeUp is a plug-in based GIS tool aimed at developers and low budget projects. ShapeUp supports both vector and raster data layers. It is also JavaScript enabled to handle various user defined tasks. Plug-ins can be added to support various in/out data formats, including file, database, GPS and web sources. ShapeUp without extensions supports shape files and various image formats. However, some plug-ins are available in the download to support other formats.

The ShapeUp Image Server, SUIS, is a stand-alone Windows service, which can be used to publish maps on the web. It is easy to set up and test through an HTML interface, using the workspace file generated by ShapeUp. Its default behaviour generates map images exacly as ShapeUp does, but this behaviour can easily be altered using Image Server Extension plug-ins, ISE, which can in detail control how map components are drawn.

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