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Getting started 

ShapeUp Requirements 

ShapeUp is tested under Windows 2000/XP. Since version 0.9.21 it requires the following dll's: MFC71.dll, MSVCRT71.dll and MSVCP71.dll. These files are from download version 1.1.08 included in the full download, and no further downloads should be needed.

ShapeUp Installation 

ShapeUp is simple to install. The binary download is a compressed zip file, and once extracted to a ShapeUp dedicated folder, just start ShapeUp.exe. Typically you create a folder named 'C:\Program Files\ShapeUp', and extract the zip file there.

Adding data 

Once ShapeUp is started you can add themes/layers from the Insert menu. The visual aspects can be changed through Theme|Properties.

Saving your work 

The set of themes, your workspace, can be saved using File|Save Workspace for later use.

Please notice that if your data source for a theme is a shape file, an image file or a loader plug-in which supports serialization, the workspace file will not contain the actual geographical data, but rather a reference to where it is stored. Have this in mind when moving workspace files to other computers. Exceptions to this is when the theme source is a shape file and is enabled for editing, or, the source is a loader plug-in not supporting serialization. In the latter case the data is converted to native format, and in both cases all data is saved in the workspace file.

An edited theme, is not automatically written back to its source. To update the source, the theme needs to be exported explicitly via Theme|Export.

More information 

Check the Download Resources & Samples section. The Forum is also available for all kinds of questions.

Getting started 




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