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ShapeUp v2.0.00 RC 3 available read more

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ShapeUp v2.0.00 Release Candidate 3 

The last release candidate for version 2.0 of ShapeUp is now available for download. This release candidate is just to get some final user input, before making it a proper release in a few weeks time.

New features:

  • Brand new GUI.

ShapeUp now supports dockable windows, and a lot of other user interface features.

  • GPI plug-ins can be enabled/disabled from the Options dialog.

Prevent that special GPI from loading automatically, and enable it just when you need it.

  • Removed support for policy plug-ins.

For several reasons the Policy Plug-in type is no longer supported. If needed, the GPI model will be extended with similar functionality later.

  • Added WGS 84/Pseudo-Mercator projection.

Added the Meracator projection currently being used by Google Maps.

  • Introduced context help.

There is now a Help Index command from the Help meny which brings you to the start page of the new help file. You can alo use Help buttons, which are added here and there, or simply press F1 to get context help. There is still work to be done to get the help complete, but this is a step in the right direction.

Breaking changes:

  • Breaking changes in GPI API.

The old SUDataPage has been removed and is no longer supported. It has been replaced by the new dockable SUToolWindow, to suit the new GUI of ShapeUp 2. See the ShapeUp API Help for more details.

This means, old plug-ins using the data page window, will no longer work. Plug-ins not using the data page should still work as before.

The ShapeUp API has been extended wit a lot of new features, such as adding data to ShapeUp using WKT or WKB arrays, to simplify plug-in development. Again, see the ShapeUp API Help for more details.

New minor features:

  • Options dialog resizable.

The options dialog can now be resized.

  • Workspace path in statistical view.

The path of the seved workspace is now displayed in the statistical view.

  • Added Insert | New Theme | Bounding Boxes.

You can now easily create a new polygon theme based on the selected shapes bounding boxes.

  • Added Edit | Advanced Edit | Simplify Polyline Parts.

This command will reduce the number of parts in selected polylines, if two adjacent parts are connected geometrically.

  • Creation of a new blank theme always generates a unique name.

If multiple new themes are created, the names will be appended with a unique integer value.

Fixed bugs:

  • Error message shown if MSXML is not installed when using the JavaScript Creator tool.

If MSXML is not installed when trying to create a JavaScript through the JS Creator Tool, a message box will describe the problem rather than silently ignoring it.

  • Fixed old theme visibility check bug.

The visibility check box in the theme view will now behave as expected.

  • Fixed rare selection bug when switching workspace.

In some cases the selection was not drawn when switching back and forth between workspaces.

  • Fixed style problem with new themes.

New emty themes, do now have the default style set correctly, and manually drawing to such a theme will behave correctly. This bug was introduced in ShapeUp v1.4.03.

  • Fixed JS problem with Shape.addPart() for polygons.

Under some conditions, there were problems adding more than one part to a polygon.

  • Fixed problem with export to .dbf-file for long strings.

The dbf-files only support 255 characters in any field. If longer strings are added in ShapeUp, a warning message will be shown when trying to export such data to shape-files, and if user accepts it, the data will be truncated.

  • Fixed rare memory leak in voronoi diagram generation.

  • Fixed advanced style line width/line style mix-up.

Line width and line style was mixed up in the implementation. This has now been fixed.

  • Fixed access violation bug when overwriting shape geometry from a GPI.

The internal spatial index was not updated when a geometry changed via a plug-in. Well, now it is.

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