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Developer Area 

Welcome to ShapeUp Developer Area. Here you can find developer related resources supported by

Plug-in overview 

There are currently six different types of plug-ins supported by ShapeUp. Here comes a brief description.

  • Generic plug-ins (*.gpi) can control just about anything in ShapeUp. It can configure itself to act as a loader or exporter of data, but more importantly, a GPI can hook into menues, create toolbars, draw in the ShapeUp map window, take action when data is added or removed and perform various calculations. A GPI can also be invoked from JavaScript, and JavaScript can be run from a GPI, opening endless of opportunities to the innovative user.

  • Loader plug-ins (*.ldr) are used to read data from any source not directly supported by ShapeUp. This can be data from files, the web, databases or GPS equipment. Loaders are typically invoked from Theme | Insert From menu.

  • Exporter plug-ins (*.xpr) enables storing of data to just about any format, such as custom file formats, databases etc. Exporters are typically invoked from Theme | Export menu item.

  • Statistical plug-ins (*.stc) handles all kinds of calculations on attribute data. Statistical plug-ins are typically invoked from the Table menu,or from the statistical toolbar.

  • Policy plug-ins (*.pcy) enables customization of ShapeUp graphical interface. E.g. adapting the GUI for touch screen devices for field use. If available, such a plug-in is selected when ShapeUp starts.

  • Image Server Extension plug-ins (*.ise) are only used in SUIS, and gives the programmer full control over how images are drawn. The latset version also allows text output, such as XML or HTML. An ISE plug-in can be selected when a new configuration is added to SUIS.

All plug-in types are implemented as Win32 DLL files with a given set of exported functions, and placed in ShapeUp Plugins directory with correct extension.

API Reference, SDK, Wizards 

The GPI API documentation can either be read online here, or downloaded as a compressed windows help file here. It contains API documentation as well as sample code describing how to get the most out of this plug-in type. Updated 2010-03-02.

Below is a zipped bundle of wizards that can be used to create various plug-ins to ShapeUp. The zip file contains a ReadMe.txt file for installation/usage instructions.

  • Plug-in Wizards for Microsoft Visual Studio .NET 2003, C++. Make sure you download the latest header for the GPI model here to match the latest ShapeUp version.

A Plug-in SDK for C++ is also available for download. This SDK is not needed if one of the wizards is used, since they will generate the necessary files. The SDK does not contain definitions for ShapeUp Policy plug-ins. Updated 2008-06-30.

A beta Plug-in API reference is also available for download. It only covers the original plug-in types: ldr, xpr, stc and ise.This documentation is not complete, but present information should be up-to-date. Unzip to ShapeUp main directory,and it will add the files under the help sub-menu. Updated 2006-05-21.

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