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ShapeUp v0.9.21 

ShapeUp 0.9.21 has been released. Below is a change description.

New features:

  • New Look & Feel.

The whole interface has been reworked to get a fresh feeling since verson 1.0.00 is just around the corner.

  • Custom colors are stored between ShapeUp sessions.

If custom colors are defined in the color picker dialogs, these will be remembered the next time ShapeUp runs.

  • Added View | Selection Bounds.

This menu brings up a dialog giving the coordinates for the bounding box of all selected objects in a layer.

  • Added mode for viewing bounding boxes.

Bounding boxes for individual selected objects can now be shown in the map.

  • Added posibility to generate a grid of images over the current view.

The File | Save Map As Image(s) menu now gives the possibility to generate a grid of tiled images over the current view. Files can be generated using different sizes and encodings. File names are fully customizable using name templates.

  • Added Edit | Advanced Selection | Point Count.

This function is to be used when searching for objects (polylines or polygons) having a specified number of verticies. Search can be performed using the operators Less Than, Equal To and Greater Than.

Fixed bugs:

  • Corrected problem with grabbers when deleting coordinates.

Grabber rectangles were drawn even for deleted coordinates. Grabbers are now refreshed after a delete operation.

  • Corrected ZoomToTheme and ZoomToFullExtent for raster layers.

These functions should now behave as expected.

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