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ShapeUp v1.0.02 

ShapeUp version 1.0.02, is now available for download. This release contains a few improvements.

New features:

  • Attribute cell edit commits improved.

When editing an attribute, the value will now be committed if the user clicks outside the edit box. Previously it was only committed if the user left the cell with <ENTER>, <TAB> or arrow keys. <ESC> works as before, and will cancel current edit.

Fixed bugs:

  • Removed graphical bug when tabbing away from the bottom right cell when editing attributes.

In previous versions when tabbing right from the bottom-right cell or left from the top-left cell, the new value was not updated visually in the attribute list. Underlying data, however, has always been correct. This is now fixed.

  • Corrected problem with Table menu and invalid statistical plug-ins.

Invalid statistical plug-ins were added to the Table menu causing nasty crasches when selected. Invalid plug-ins are no longer added to the menu.

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