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ShapeUp v1.1.05 

ShapeUp 1.1.05 is now available. This version again updates the workspace file format (*.sup), and workspaces saved with this version cannot be opened in older versions of the program. SUIS has been updated accordingly in version 1.20a.

New features:

  • Added Copy Style From menu item for style duplication.

It is now possible to quickly duplicate style information between themes of the same type. Set the desired style on one of the themes, select all themes that should have the same style, chose the Theme | Copy Style From... menu item, and the theme picker dialog should appear allowing you to specify the style source theme. Hit OK, and all selected themes will get the same style.

  • Added option to force labels to be drawn even if overlapping.

This option is accessed from the Theme | Properties | Label page, and if checked, draws labels whether they overlap or not. Checking this option along with Allow Duplicates option gives the old ShapeUp labelling style.

Tip: This can be used to get a 'custom' point symbol, a charachter selected from any font in the system. In a point layer:

  1. Style page: Select the Blank symbol.
  2. InfoTip page: Type the character to use in the template field.
  3. Font page: Select the font and color to use.
  4. Label page: Check Draw InfoTip on map, Force drawing and Allow duplicates. Also, set the alignment to Center.

  • Added Select sub menu to theme header context menu.

A new sub-menu is added to the theme header context menu. This sub-menu contains shortcuts to select themes. The following items are available:

  • Added theme information to statistical view.

The statistical view now shows some info on the number of themes loaded, and number of visible and selected themes.

Fixed bugs:

  • Corrected problem with color picker in a multi monitor environment.

The color picker ended up on the wrong screen on some systems. This should now have been fixed.

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