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ShapeUp v1.1.07 

ShapeUp 1.1.07 is available for download. This release contains a way to create a Voronoi polygon layer from a point layer, along with some JavaScript additions. The JavaScript dll, js32.dll, needed to run JavaScripts in ShapeUp is from now on included in the full download bundle.

New features:

  • Added Voronoi polygon generation.

From Insert | New Theme | Voroinoi Polygons menu, a new polygon layer can be added using an exiting point layer as polygon generation points.

To enable this menu item, the source point layer must be selected. The polygons generated are bounded by the bounding box union of the source point layer, and the current view.

Voronoi polygons.

Voronoi polygons can be used to determine different types of unweighted service areas.

  • JavaScrips can now be interrupted.

When running a JavaScript a window with a cancel button will pop-up with a delay of two seconds, to enable premature script interruption.

  • JavaScript object model extended.

The Layer class has been extended with the getIntersectingShapes() method, which, given a Shape object, returns an Array containing all intersecting Shapes in that layer.

Fixed bugs:

  • Corrected initial focus in JavaScript input dialog.

Previously the OK button had the focus. It has now been initially set to the edit control instead, enabling instant editing of the value.

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