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ShapeUp v1.1.08 

ShapeUp 1.1.08 is now available. This release focuses on scripting, and aid in handling JavaScripts. Also, some performance problems have been addressed.

New features:

  • Added Paste Special to Coordinate Views context menu.

It's now possible to add coordinates to a shape, having coordinates or a single shape on the clip-board. Data can be pasted either appended to the selected part of a shape, or as a whole new part.

  • Added Script Toolbar.

This new toolbar makes it possible to have up to six short-cuts to JavaScripts. Binding a button to execute a script is simple.

  • The console is now shown automatically if a script error occurrs.

To ease the use of the JavaScript section of the Tools menu, as well as the new Script Toolbar, the console window is brought up automatically on script errors.

  • JavaScript object model extended.

external(), to invoke other JavaScripts.
invokePlugin(), for future use to invoke plug-ins from JavaScript code.
option(), can now also handle an array of strings as its only argument.
Workspace.zoom(), to zoom in/out in the map window.
Layer.browseAttribute(), a simple attribute selector dialog.
Layer.moveShape(), change a shapes z-order.

Fixed bugs:

  • Sped up switching between layers, having bookmarks, and the Query dialog.

It should now be considerably faster to switch between themes. This change affects data layers loaded from a loader plug-in, or any write enabled layer.

Having bookmarks should not affect performance a lot, which it previously did when having a lot of layers.

The query dialog should now open considerably faster than before when run on a layer with lots of objects and attributes.

  • Corrected JavaScript Layer.getIntersectingShapes().

Due to a numeric error the function did not recognise some shapes having common end points. It also did nasty things to ShapeUp if null was passed as Shape argument.

  • Corrected problem with Shape selection order in JavaScript.

Deselecting a Shape trough JavaScript could sometimes cause the Shape.selectionIndex for other selected Shapes to not recalculate properly. This has been fixed.

  • Shape files are now loaded even if index files are missing.

This should have been part of the very first release, but it was never done. A user pointed this out, and the two-minute-fix was applied.

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