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ShapeUp v1.1.09 

ShapeUp 1.1.09 is now available. This release mainly contains fixes for reported bugs.

New features:

  • Added statistics for raster layers.

Information on image sizes and bit depth are now available in the statistics view.

Fixed bugs:

  • Changed the stretching mode for images to halftone.

Images did look ugly in very small and very large scale, relative the image resolution. ShapeUp now translate colors in a more human friendly way.

  • Corrected creation of world files (.tfw) when adding an raster layer.

When adding a raster image missing a world file, the creation of that world file was incorrect, resulting in what appeared to be an empty raster layer. This file generation should now work ok.

  • Sped up loading of native data when opening a workspace (*.sup) file.

This sped up is only noticable when loading write enabled layers containing a large amount of objects. A 300,000+ object layer loads about twice as fast as before.

  • Corrected removal of child themes.

A theme created using the From Selection menu item, and then enabled for editing, could cause ShapeUp to terminate when removed from the theme list. This has been fixed.

  • Corrected child themes attributes.

A theme created using the From Selection menu item, might have had incorrect attributes shown. This was a visual error, and did not affect the underlying data. This has been fixed.

  • Corrected transparency for lines with a pattern.

Dotted one pixel wide lines did not draw with transparency. This should now work as expected.

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