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ShapeUp v1.2.01 

The lates release, 1.2.01, is now available. It contains more support for raster layers, and some new GDI plug-in features.

New features:

  • More image formats added to raster layer exports.

Previously, only .bmp format was available as an export format. Now ShapeUp support more formats, such as jpeg, png, tiff and gif.

  • Added pen properties to Advanced Settings.

Pen color can now be set for polygons in the Theme | Properties | Advanced Settings tab.

  • Find Theme command now scrolls the theme into view.

When invoking Find Theme from the map views context menu, the theme, if any, is scrolled into view in the legend view.

  • GPI API extended.

More methods are added to support ShapeUp Data Page objects. A Data Page object attaches itself to the data view, and is available in the QuickTabs. The content of a Data Page is supplied and maintained by the GPI plug-in.

The GPI plug-in model is explained in the developer section.

Fixed bugs:

  • Corrected display of raster bounds in statistics view.

Raster bounds were not previously displayed at all. That has now been fixed.

  • Plugged a GDI resource leak in Theme Selection dialog.

The Theme Selection dialog, normally invoked from JavaScript workspace.browseTheme(), had a GDI leak. This has been plugged.

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