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ShapeUp v1.2.02 

Version 1.2.02 has been released and contains some raster related updates.

New features:

  • More image formats added to File | Save Map As Image.

Previously, only .bmp format was available here. Now ShapeUp support more formats, such as jpeg, png, tiff and gif.

  • JavaScript object model extended.

browseFolder() and workspace.saveMapImage() added. browseFolder() lets the user select a file system folder, and then returns the full path to that folder. workspace.saveMapImage() can save the current map image to a file in various formats. Please see the JavaScript Object Model document available in the Help menu for further details.

Fixed bugs:

  • Corrected assignment of JavaScript Layer.color and Layer.lineWidth.

After loading a shape file using workspace.loadShapeFile(), setting the new layers color or line width did not give the expected result. This is now corrected.

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