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ShapeUp v1.2.03 

ShapeUp has now been released in version 1.2.03. Along with this relase, the wizards to create new plug-ins has been extended with a wizard for the new GPI model. Please see the developer section for further details and downloads.

New features:

  • Added Edit option to the Script toolbar's menus.

The Script Toolbar is now extended with an Edit options in each sub-menu, for quick access to the bound script.

  • Extended Copy Column behaviour in the attribute view to support multiple columns and selected objects only.

When selecting Copy Column from the data view headers context menu, ShapeUp now copies all selected columns, if any selected, otherwise the column from where the command was invoked. ShapeUp also offers to copy just selected shape's attributes, or all data in selected columns.

  • JavaScript Object Model extended.

An entirely new class has been added to ease scripting of GPI plug-ins. The new class, Plugin, is a dynamic class whos properties and methods are defined by the specific GPI. The Plugin class is constructed with the GUID corresponding to the scriptable GPI. The plugin object then supports all the properties and methods the GPI exports.

A Plugin object always supplies three static properties, GUID, name and file. For any other properties or methods, refer to the GPI specific documentation.

  • GPI API extended.

More functionality added to let the plug-ins integrate even closer to ShapeUp.

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