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ShapeUp v1.3.00 

The latest version of ShapeUp is currently 1.3.00. Lots of new feature requests have been added. Below is a detailed description of them.

Major New features:

  • Added arrow styles for selected polylines.

It is now possible to alter the appearance of the arrows drawn when showing polyline directions. Also, the placement of the arrow along the polyline can be changed, where 0% places the tip of the arrow at the start coordinate of the polyline, and 100% at the end. Ofcourse, any value in between can also be used.

In the style tab of the Theme Properties dialog, there is now a Settings button which opens a new dialog for these settings.

  • Added workspace reference system.

The reference system of the current workspace can now be set in the RefSys tab of the Workspace Properties dialog. Setting the reference system affects calculation of scales and distances. The reference systems available are the same as in the Theme Transformation dialog.

The current reference system is always displayed in the rightmost area of the status bar.

  • Added toolbar scale box.

The main toolbar now has a scale combo box, which displays the current scale. If no reference system is set for the workspace, the calculations for the scale factor assumes a metric grid.

  • Changed to great circle distance calculations if reference system is known.

If the workspace reference system is set, the distance calculator uses great circle distances. If the reference system is unknown it defaults to plane euclidian distances.

Minor New features:

  • Theme Transformation dialog reworked.

The Theme Transformation dialog has now been rearranged to contain area folders and sub-folders to make it easier to find a specific reference system.

  • Added support for ST 74 0 gon 65:-1.

ST 74 0 gon 65:-1 is a Stockholm local reference system.

  • Added center indicator while panning.

When panning using the mouse, a cross image will mark the center of the view of the map.

  • Message when hitting delete in vertex mode added.

It is currently, and has never been, possible to delete an entire shape using the delete button if ShapeUp is in vertex mode. Instead of silently ignore the delete command, ShapeUp now displays a message describing why nothing happens.

  • Theme name is now default file name when exporting to shape file.

The name of the theme will now be the default file name when exporting it to a shape file. If the theme name contains a path separator, anything after the last separator will be used as default file name. All illegal file name characters will be replaced by an underscore.

  • Part headers in coordinate view are high-lighted.

The part headers in the coordinate view are now drawn in a bold font and using a distinct background color.

Fixed bugs:

  • Synchronization problem when selecting coordinates in the map corrected.

The Coordinate View did not highlight the correct coordinate when selecting multipart polygon coordinates in the Map View in vertex mode. Selecting coordinates for simple polygons or other type of shapes was not affected by this bug. This has now been corrected.

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