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ShapeUp v1.3.01 

After a long while, ShapeUp is now released in version 1.3.01. Main focus for this release has been editing features that where requested.

Major New features:

  • Added support for loading themes from entire file system branches via Drag&Drop from Windows Explorer.

ShapeUp now accepts a folder to be dropped onto it. The folder, and all its sub-folders will be traversed, and all shape files found will be added to the workspace.

  • Improved Multi-edit Attributes.

Selecting Edit | Advanced Edit | Multi-Edit Attributes, now gives more options to the user. The options are: Fixed value, which behaves like the previous version of this function where the user can set a given attribute value on all selected shapes. Increment, which allows the user to set an integer value, incremented by one for each selected shape. The user can set the start value for the incremented sequence.

  • Enhanced Polyline End Point generation.

This function now offers to write node information to the source polyline theme if it is write enabled. The user will be asked for this, and if accepted, two new attribute columns will be created, FNODE and TNODE. These attributes will be filled with the id's of the new end point nodes. The user is also offered a chance to set the start value of the node id values.

  • Added Split Polyline edit mode.

Polylines can now be split into smaller parts using one of two new methids. The first method is to right-click on a vertex, when in vertex mode, and select Split Here, from the context menu. The other method works similar to the Add Vertex tool. Select the Split Polyline tool from the Edit Toolbar. Then draw a line crossing one or more selected polylines, and when the mouse is released, the selected shapes intersecting the line will be split at the intersections. Notice, if the polyline is complex, it is possible to split it at several places at once. The new shapes will be placed in z-order where the original shape was, and all created shapes will get a copy of the original shape's attributes. For the moment, you need to be extra careful if you have a primary key defined. Currently, ShapeUp accepts duplicate keys, but this will change in the future.

  • Added attribute set copy support when creating new themes.

When adding a new theme to a workspace, ShapeUp now asks if the user wants to copy the attribute set of another theme. If the user choses to do so, the new theme will get all the attribute names and types of the existing theme the user selects.

Minor New features:

  • Added more polygon patterns.

Two dashed patterns added.

  • JavaScript object model extended.

Layer.createShape() now accepts a shape as argument of which it will create a copy.

  • GPI API extended.

SUWorkspace.GetSelectionCount() and SUToolbar.IsVisible() added.

Fixed bugs:

  • Corrected Polyline End Point generation.

This generation did not previously have the precision needed to be 100% accurate. It failed to distinguish end points closer than around 10 micrometers. This is now fixed.

  • Arrow style now copied correctly when copying style from another layer.

When adding the new arrow style settings in version 1.3.00, this copy function was overlooked.

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