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ShapeUp v1.3.02 

This release contains some additions to the GPI and JavaScript models. Also the development section has been updated with up-to-date wizards for Visual Studio .NET 2003, and the ShapeUpAPI documents have also been updated.

If you're a plug-in developer, make sure you use the latest version of ShapeUpAPI.h to get access to all the latest features. Old versions of the header will ofcourse still work.

New features:

  • JavaScript object model extended.

Workspace.addNewLayer() has a new thisr optional Layer parameter 'attrSrc'. If attrSrc is specified, the attribute set of that layer will be copied to the new layer.

Shape.addPart() added. It adds a new part to an existing shape of type Polyline or Polygon.

File.openTempFile() added. It opens a temporary file for writing in the temporary directory.

Fixed bugs:

  • Corrected GPI return value handling when called from JavaScript.

If a layer was created in a GPI while invoked from a JavaScript, and that layer was returned, the JavaScript did not recognize this as a valid layer. This has been corrected.

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