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SUIS v1.09 

A new version, 1.09, is now available by e-mail request. This release has some new features described below.

New features:

  • Added setting for maximum image size.

The image server could previously, if not set up correctly, have been exploited sending it requests for huge images eating all resources of the server. It is now possible to set a maximum width and height of requested images to avoid this. Using values of zero for width or height disables this limit. It is strongly recommended that both limits are specified.

Fixed bugs:

  • Autostart setting problem.

Previously, the Autostart setting was not stored between sessions, and made the setting practically useless from the HTML configuration interface. SUIS did however read the value from the reqistry if entered there manually. This problem should now have been solved.

  • Raster layers not drawn when using ISE.

Raster layers were only drawn if an ISE plug-in was not in use. These layers are now drawn correctly.

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