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SUIS features 

With ShapeUp Image Server it's easy to publish maps on the web.

  • Easy configuration through HTML interface.
  • Multiple configurations using different workspace files.
  • Supports a variety of output image formats, such as bmp, jpg, png.
  • Image drawing can be scheduled to generate map files every n:th second.
  • Get statistics from image generation.
  • Supports Image Server Extension, ISE, plug-ins to fine-tune the drawing process.
  • Text format output (txt, html, xml) is supported through ISE.

Using an Image Server Extension gives you full control over the drawing process. An ISE can be used to:

  • High-light geographical objects.
  • Handle dynamic data, which changes over time.
  • Show/hide layers depending on external conditions.
  • Show/hide specific objects depending on external conditions.
  • Use geographical information to draw other things than maps, e.g. diagrams.
  • Generate HTML pages with attribute data.
  • Generate HTML image maps for generated map images.
  • Specify any set of parameters a client can use to get a customized image.

... and more.

Getting started 




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