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ShapeUp v0.9.22 

A new version, 0.9.22, is now available for download. This release has some new requested features described below. Please notice that in order to load workspace files saved with this version into SUIS, SUIS version 1.09 or later is required.

New features:

  • Added Find Theme to geo views context menu.

In projects with lots of layers, it can sometimes be hard to see which layer draws in a particular region. Right clicking an object in the map, selecting Find Theme, will select the theme containing the object.

  • Added width and height info to View Rectangle dialog.

The width and height in geo coords of the current map is now displayed in the View Rectangle dialog. The values are currently read-only.

  • Added Advanced Visibility setting.

The General page of the theme properties dialog now contains settings to dynamically control if a layer should be visible or not. The visibility uses UPP-values, Units Per Pixels, to determine the visibility range.

Notice: The choice of UPP instead of scale was made to make the image server handle these settings correctly.

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