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ShapeUp v1.1.00 

ShapeUp is now available in version 1.1.00. Support for graphical editing is now improved, and a few 'unplanned features' have been removed.

New features:

  • Added vertex snapping when drawing shapes or adjusting vertices.

It is now possible to make drawn vertices snap to the closest vertex of any other shape in the same theme. This is e.g. useful when drawing two polygons which should have a common border, or when building a navigable road net. This feature is enabled when drawing new shapes or when adusting vertices of present shapes if <CTRL> is held down.

  • New point layers can now be created by extracting mid point coordinates from polyline layers.

If a polyline theme is selected, a new point theme can be added which contains the mid points of the polylines. This is invoked from Insert | New Theme | Polyline Mid Points.

Fixed bugs:

  • Corrected sort order in Table menu.

Custom statistical plug-ins are now added in alphabetical order.

  • Corrected HTML image-map generation order.

When creating image-maps after saving a map image previously added the area tags from bottom to top z-order. This has now been reversed to add tags top to bottom, which is how web browsers handles the image-map.

  • Corrected attributes when enabling editing on linked themes.

In previous versions, attributes were not copied when enabling editing on a theme containing linked data. This is now corrected.

  • Visibility of bounding boxes is now correct when theme visibility changes.

Bounding box mode did not detect when theme visibility changed. This is now corrected.

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