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ShapeUp v1.1.01 

ShapeUp is now available in version 1.1.01. With this version, a new exporter plug-in is supplied to export vector data to the Windows Metafile (*.wmf) format. It currently supports polyline and polygon layers to be exported.

This version also updates the workspace file format (*.sup). Workspace files created with this version cannot be opened in earlier versions of ShapeUp. This also applies to ShapeUp Image Server, SUIS, which needs to be in version 1.10c to be able to read these files.

New features:

  • Added label de-cluttering algorithm.

Labels do no longer overwrite eachother, and it is possible to specify an area around a label which should be free of other labels. The user may also chose to allow a label to be drawn only once even though many shapes may have the same label.

  • The colors of the frame of a label can now be specified.

It is now possible to specify the frame border and fill colors for labels.

  • Enhanced the exporter plug-in interface.

Exporter plug-ins now have more control over the export, which includes:

  • Export layer order
  • Bounding box of entire export area.
  • Color & style information.
  • Map thumbnail generation.
  • ...and more.
Be sure to download the latest developer resources from the developer area.

Fixed bugs:

  • Corrected annoying reset of label font size in theme properties dialog.

When specifying a font size not in the size list, the size value was sometimes reset everytime the theme properties dialog was opened. This has been fixed.

  • Corrected unframed multiline labels.

Multiline labels were not drawn correctly when drawn without a frame.

  • Corrected bounding box calculation after transformation.

Shape bounding boxes were in some cases not correctly calculated, which in turn could give incorrect layer bounding boxes.

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