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ShapeUp v1.1.02 

A new release, 1.1.02, of ShapeUp is now available for download. This release contains two user requests.

New features:

  • Zoom to Theme Extent now works with multiple themes selected.

Zoom to Theme Extent, , now works even if more than one theme is selected. The new extent will be the smallest rectangle containing all selected themes.

  • Added support for World Files (.tfw) as raster image transformation files.

The .tfw file contains information on how to map an image to geo coordinates. Even though the format is intended for TIFF images, it works for all image file types in ShapeUp. The .tfw contains the same information as the ShapeUp specific .txt format, but is more of a standard in the GIS community.

The rotation parameter cannot be used in a .tfw file generated by ShapeUp, since it is poorly documented. However, not many other GIS can handle this parameter either. ShapeUp always checks for the .txt file before the .tfw file.

Rule of thumb: If rotation is necessary, use ShapeUp .txt format, otherwise always use .tfw. This is done from the Transform Image Layer dialog.

Fixed bugs:

  • Added some missing menu texts.

Some menu items did not have a descriptive text for the status bar.

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