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ShapeUp v1.1.06 

ShapeUp 1.1.06 has now been released by request. A new simple feature to ease information sharing has been added, and the SQL handling in the query dialog has been somewhat reworked.

New features:

  • Added Edit | Copy Map Image.

This menu item will copy the current map as a bitmap to the clipboard, making it easier to share information.

  • Added history log to Query Dialog.

It's now possible to recall a previous query by stepping back in the history buffer. This buffer is currently only cleared when the ShapeUp session ends.

  • Added avg() function to Query Dialog.

When provided with two or more numeric arguments, this function will calculate the average value (arithmetic mean).

avg(col_1, col_2) > 100

which is equvalent to

(col_1 + col_2) / 2 > 100

If any of the arguments isn't a numeric value, the call will fail.

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